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How will humanity act to secure its survival of the Terracycle?  Are we still too barbaric in nature to take the initiative and evolve into a spiritually and morally advanced species?  How strong is our ignorant attachment to past beliefs and superstitions that we might not see greater truths?

Humanity has advanced rapidly during the past 300 years.  Democracy, freedom and technology have transformed our species from agrarian herds toward a more advanced civilization of a global, yet interdependent, community of commerce.  We are making huge strides in equality between genders, religions, political parties and genetic races.  But we haven't yet perfected a universal civil code of conduct.

It seems there is something from our past holding us back.  This something may have been useful in getting us where we are today, but its usefulness has now become the impediment to our future evolution.  

Religion is still the foundation upon which democracy, freedom, and liberty rests.  But the religions themselves are highly fractured and mistrustful of one another.  Most still claim ultimate authority at the expense of ignoring or destroying all others.  Instead of purifying the religions, the direction has been to move toward secularism.  But the movement in this direction is proving disastrous as far as school shootings, lack of respect for others rights, lack of concern for others well-being, and the demise of the family structure goes.  There can be no disputing that any future success for the human race will depend on a solid mating ritual complete with provisions for raising offspring into fully mature and responsible adults.  We cannot lose sight of this important facet of our survival.

Most people will agree that there is a Supreme, single Source of the life force itself.  No matter how different our bodies or living circumstances may be, all living things share a desire for happiness and function best when living a life of unconditional love.  It could easily be a common point of agreement among all religions and atheists that unconditional love is entirely compatible with our natural state of existence and that such an experience is wholly desirable.  

If humanity is going to survive and not lose the progress it has made, it will have to work hard at either finding a common religious framework or restructuring old religious frameworks such that they reflect unconditional love in all aspects of worship and lifestyle and let go of current attitudes that promote hatred, anger and mistrust toward other religions and belief systems.

Once we can all get along with each other, the task of survival will come as second nature with each person contributing to the success of the whole.

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