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ice age (s j)

  1. A cold period marked by episodes of extensive glaciation alternating with episodes of relative warmth.
  2. Ice Age. The most recent glacial period, which occurred during the Pleistocene epoch.

One of the shortsighted views modern science has had is that the ice age is strictly a gradual process of glaciation and melting.  Recent research on the Greenland Ice Sheet Project (GISP2) has some scientists admitting that climate changes are quite abrupt.  Most of the current scientific view is that ice advance and retreat cycles occur over a 10,000 to 100,000 year period.  This theory is only partially correct.

Glaciations in the Antarctic do occur over tens of thousands of years.  But the Greenland ice core shows northern ice sheets, particularly those in North America and over the Norwegian Sea, occur in tens of years, not tens of thousands of years.  According to some researchers on the GISP2 team, the changes could have occurred in less than two years.

The Terracycles theory includes evidence for the existence of rare, but climate altering super storms.  The super storm theory describes meteorological mechanics that can quickly transform an over-heated Earth into a freezing Earth by pumping heat off the planet in a mega hurricane, the existence of which has not been recorded in human literature.  When the power of such a storm is appreciated, it is understandable why human literature does not record them.  There are no survivors in the immediate area.  Even entire populations of large animals have gone extinct during these events.


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