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The Two-Mile Time Machine,  Richard B. Alley

1. Climate in the past has been wildly variable, with larger, faster changes than anything industrial or agricultural humans have ever faced.  pg 83

2. Climate changed in less than two years. pg 111

4. Greenland warmed by about 15F in a decade or less. pg 112

5. Greenland warmed abruptly, and then methane rose more slowly, so the warming was not caused primarily by methane. pg 115

6. The warming in Greenland should have increased the snowfall rate there, but the observed change in snowfall was even larger than be explained by warmer air delivering more moisture.  This suggests that the warming caused Greenland to become stormier. pg 116

NOAA Global Warming FAQ

3. According to the range of possible forcing scenarios, and taking into account uncertainty in climate model performance, the IPCC projects a global temperature increase of anywhere from 1.4 - 5.8C from 1990-2100.


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