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Tectonic Plate Movement
Plate tectonics are key to understanding the Terracycle.  It is from the movement of plates that earthquakes, volcanoes, ocean temperatures, and climatic changes ultimately derive from.
Of interest in the Terracycle theory are earthquakes caused by the daily Pacific Ocean tides...
As the Earth's tides push the Pacific Plate beneath the Asian continent cracks appear along tectonic boundaries, from buckling, and from stretching of the plates.  All along the Pacific Islands, up through Taiwan, Japan, Kamchatka, Alaska, and down the coast of the Americas there are volcanoes caused by slippage of the tectonic boundaries. 
Global Warming
It won't be long before science will discover that global warming is a global phenomenon and not a human mistake.  Global warming has been happening for the past 10,000 years, ever since the last ice age advance.
Ice Ages
One of the shortsighted views modern science has is that the ice age is a gradual process of glaciations and melting.  Current scientific view is that this cycle occurs over a 10,000 year period during relatively recent times.  This theory is only partially correct.
The Great Floods
During the end of the global warming phase of the Terracycle, shortly before the poles get hit with a deep freeze, a great flood will inundate the Earth. 
El Niņo and La Niņa
El Nino and La Nina (the opposite of El Nino) are phenomena of the Pacific Ocean.  Although it is not clear just yet how these phenomena occur, it is quite reasonable to assume they are related to the tides, submergence and movement of the Pacific Plate.
The Woolly Mammoths and Saber Toothed Tigers didn't go extinct because of other species, and neither did the dinosaurs.  The dinosaurs went extinct because of a meteor.  The Woolly Mammoths perished because of a severe weather anomaly. 
Modern Glaciers
The remnants of the previous ice age are quickly disappearing.  The glaciers are receding at rates of hundreds of miles in short periods of time.  This is a clear warning of where we are in the Terracycle.  Huge chunks of ice, greater in size than whole states and countries, are breaking away from the Antarctic to drift into warmer waters and liquefy.
Human Survival
How will humanity act to secure its survival of the Terracycle?  Are we still too barbaric in nature to take the initiative and evolve into a spiritually and morally advanced species?  How strong is our ignorant attachment to past beliefs and superstitions that we might not see greater truths?
Historical Records and Terracycles
At least parts of our history have survived through time, parts which show us some of what happened around the peak of the previous Terracycle.

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